Water problem in Sg Way

29 November 2010

The Star

RESIDENTS along Jalan SS9A/13 and Jalan SS9A/14 in Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya, are furious over the frequent water supply disruption due to pipe leakage in the area.

The worst incident was in July when Lee Weng Hoh’s house was flooded when a pipe burst just outside his house.

Lee said his roof and furniture in his living room area were damaged.

“When we woke up, we saw water shooting into the sky and spilling onto our roof,” said Lee, 62, who spent about RM600 on repairs.

Last week, Lee said water supply to his house was inconsistent and he had to ration water because he did not know when the supply would be cut off again.

Lee’s complaints were just one of the many forwarded to Seri Setia New Village chairman Ding Eow Chai.

Ding said each week he had to deal with seven to eight complaints ranging from burst pipes and low-water pressure to frequent supply disruption.

“The pipes here are old and when the pressure is increased, the pipes spring a leak,” he said during a visit to the area on Friday.

“When a pipe bursts, Syabas will repair only the affected section and resurface the road, leaving ugly patches in front of the houses,” Ding said at a press conference together with Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San.

Lau said he had met the Syabas district manager but was informed that there were not enough allocation to replace the pipes along both the roads.

He said when the water pressure was low, residents could not use their washing machines or take a shower.

He hoped Syabas would replace the pipes in stages if the cost was high.

“If they start replacing the pipes area by area, over time they will be able to change all the pipes and satisfy the needs of their customers,” said Lau.